Made in Lucca


We at Zazzi Dallamano, constantly keep the lessons of the past alive with our daily dedication, passion and energy. We are the sole custodians of the ancient 14th century art of weaving on wooden looms, for which Lucca is famous.

Our creations are not only simple accessories to wear, but elements of a story that reinvents itself day after day with ideas and inspirations that are perpetually evolving.

The particular attention to the detail and style of Zazzi Dallamano products, inspires emotions that will remain with you forever.

Our pieces are entirely created in Italy and are based on the quality of fabrics which represent the Tuscan tradition of textile craftsmanship, renowned and loved all over the world. 

“The past has been generous with us, teaching us the ancient craftsmanship and passing down the knowledge and manual ability needed to weave the most precious fabrics. Today our passion is even stronger than before and we want to use it to combine intuition and experience to create unique accessories to wear.”

Massimo e Vladimiro